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In Psalm 138: 2 the Lord has declared that He has magnified His word above all His name. When Jesus stepped out of eternity into time, John declares that Jesus made the Word of God visible. We will never see God through the law; we will always know Him by His love. The word of God was, is, and will continue to be the complete revelation of God's heart and the full expression of His love. The word of God is unchanging, infallible, and unstoppable and the only way to maximize our impact in this generation. Face to Faith Ministries is a bible-teaching, bible-preaching, and bible-living fellowship determined to be a pleasure for Jesus to work with.  Find us on YouTube for an empowering message for you.  

"In Plain sight"
Apostle Madonna P Johnson

What's Your Theme?

Minister Micah Bridges

"Permit it to be so Now"
Elder Vestinia Bridges

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