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We have transitioned from over 15 years of daily radio to weekly podcasting. Why are we doing this? This podcast is light, life, lessons, and love that infuse the wisdom and knowledge necessary to be stable and powerful in these challenging yet glorious times. This is the season of the right voice and the ear that can hear.  Let simple steps of wisdom become the peace and the power necessary in this season. It is time to take your seat at His table! We are forever thankful for this grace from Christ to allow the fruit of God’s word to become the meal we feed to a hungry world. Welcome to our podcast: “Your Seat, His Table.”

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Face to Faith is committed to educating our youth and helping them succeed in today's competitive environment.


Our new multipurpose


This year we will break ground and complete new construction for our Honor Role Youth Mentoring School

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The Honor Role Youth Mentoring Academy

Let's transform what our children honor and build this generation.


Bible Study

Studying to show ourselves approved of God and empowering others to succeed in this world

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