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About us

The Face to Faith Ministries' Fellowship

The Lord has declared in Isaiah 33: 6 that wisdom & knowledge will be the stability of our times. It is, therefore, imperative that ministry leadership hear the voice of God in order to be the mirror, live the manner, and work the mission of Jesus Christ in these crucial times. The challenges and tests and triumphs of our lives are designed to speak the peace, the power, and the prosperity of the heart of God to bring His divine plan for man through our desire to be as He is in this world. The heart of leadership must practice and perform the very mind of Christ to be

relevant and impactful in this season. 

our outreach:
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 The Honor Role Youth
Mentoring Program
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Home of HiLapp:
The Health Insurance Literacy App
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Now Faith Films and "Words to Live By"
Facing Your Faith Radio.PNG
Sunday Morning Radio
Broadcast at 11:30AM on 98.9 FM Radio
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"Man to Man Offense"
from the Men of Maturity Ministry
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"The Podcast:
"Your Seat, His Table."
Our "Power to the Bone" Broadcast
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