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How you can donate and Support Our Vision

Jesus gave His life to give His creation the opportunity to live a full life. Jesus rose from the grave to remind us of our capacity to live and be the reason others find their purpose and their gifts to bless and transform this world. He created the Church to be the visible demonstration of His love for His creation. The first things the Holy Spirit did in the Upper Room was enable the apostles to speak others' languages. He is the Spirit for others so we must also be the grace and the hope others need. 


Face to Faith Ministries extends its impact and its global footprint through its “Facing Your Faith” radio broadcast. With its four radio ministries, Face to Faith continues to transform minds and awaken the faith lives of listeners. The Honor Role Youth Mentoring Academy helps children realize and reach their potential, while the Sisters' Tea continue to enlarge its territory through empowering women and HiLapp helps consumers to navigate their health insurance experience. We remain active in the Lord's will for us. Please consider helping us. 

ways you can donate:



Meet us on Sunday mornings at 11:30 AM for wisdom, revelation, and a powerful worship and fellowship.



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Face to Faith Ministries

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 4291

Salisbury, MD 21803

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